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Among the various lines of our products, there are those dedicated to the nautical sector.

Rivit S.r.l. is a leading Company in the production and distribution of fastening systems and, among the various product lines, it developed a division entirely dedicated to marine industry, developing various kinds of stainless steel blind rivets and rivet nuts and their most appropriate placing tools.

The LOCKRIV main feature is the body deformation by compression, which creates a large blind side bearing area against the rear sheet, assuring a wide tolerance with the hole diameter, high shear and tensile strength; this rivet is ideal for applications on fibreglass.
Rivets LockrivThe MULTIGRIPRIV with a sole rivet length, you can grip various thicknesses.
The particular shape of the mandrel and of the body, during the deformation by compression, creates a large blind side bearing area against the rear sheet, assuring the complete hole filling.
Rivets MultigriprivThe SEALED RIVETS are characterized by a sealed end instead of the standard open hole, and are suitable for containers or boxes to prevent the leacking or penetration of fluids.
The correct tools to place above items are the hydro-pneumatic tools RIV505 and RIV508, respectively for standard blind rivets up to ø 4.8 and up to 7.8 in all materials.
The rivet nuts allow to create threads on predrilled sheets, even when you cannot reach the back side of the sheet itself.
Their use do not cause any damage on the already surface treated materials.
Among our rivet nuts, we wish to highlight our ITC-Z rivet nut, stainless steel, open splined cylindrical body, dome head; and our IRC-Z stainless steel rivet nuts, open splined cylindrical body, reduced head.

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