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With 50 years of expertise, Rivit is the ideal partner for what concerns the distribution of fastening systems, tools for fasteners and machines for sheet metal working and assembling.

Founded in 1973, Rivit has come to set the Company core business in three separate macro-divisions: industry, building and products for dealers, with particular attention to the fields of industrial auto body shop, electronics, household appliances, sheet metal working, metal furnishings, roofing, metal roofing, air conditioning and metal frames.

Founded in 1973

50 years of expertise in fastening

main divisions

Present in 60 countries

Nowadays Rivit strongly aims to the international market, to challenge new situations and to widen its own strategies of partnership and marketing.

To be able to develop these ambitious projects, Rivit prepared itself with an advanced logistics including an automatic warehouse; this new setting grants and supports a state-of-the-art logistic system, and allows Rivit to meet all the requirements of the Customers, which are getting more and more demanding. The building premises covers an area of 10,000 sqm on a land of 18,000 sqm.


Watch the video to see how Rivit's automatic warehouse works:

The automatic warehouse with its two trasloelevators, located in a 18 meter high and 90 meter long tower has 24,000 trays, divided along two corridors, that can contain up to 100,000 references.

As today Rivit is already managing over 40,000 items, the perspectives of growth and the variety of stock items are considered very important targets by the Company, that has chosen an automatic warehouse with trays to optimize the activities of picking.

Automated warehouse 90 x 10 x h18 meters

2 stacker cranes 24.000 trays

45.000 articles of which 30.000 in stock

Surface 18.000 sqm of which 10.000 covered

The quick and precise logistic management of the stock items is part of the commercial policy of the Company, which aims to the most precise and speediest management of the orders, so that they can be executed within 48 hours.