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    "Rivit Srl" accepts orders only when in accordance to the present general terms and conditions, unless otherwise clearly agreed upon in writing. "Rivit Srl" expressly reserves the right to suspend, cancel or ask for an anticipated cash payment for any order placed by Customers suspected of making purchases by fraudulent means. "Rivit Srl" will always send in writing (by fax or e-mail) the 'order confirmation' as acceptance of the order itself. Orders can be sent by fax +39 0514171129, e-mail or by filling the form on our website Please feel free to contact us for any doubt or clarification.


    "Rivit Srl" guarantees that the main technical characteristics of the products correspond to those specified in this catalogue.


    "Rivit Srl" will invoice the prices as in force at the moment of the shipment. Pricelists can be updated without notice, according to the market situation. Correct and valid prices are always stated in the 'order confirmation'. Quoted prices are always VAT excluded.

    Packaging - Minimum quantities

    When preparing your orders, please check on this catalogue the standard packaging of the items of your interest. "Rivit Srl" will not accept orders for smaller quantities than what contained in the minimum packaging. In this case the quantity of the ordered items will be automatically modified according to the minimum quantity, without asking for any authorization from the Customer. For packaging you will be charged a minimum contribution fee.

    Minimum purchase

    The minimum purchase value that "Rivit Srl" accepts, is € 150,00.


    In the invoice it is always stated if shipment is complete or partial. In the column "complete or partial" shipment, each product has an S when the material is completely sent and a C when the goods are only partially sent. If there are no different dispositions from the customer, the balances will be sent with the next shipment.


    Usually deliveries are ex-works (when the customer uses its carrier). They can also be ex-works with charge of the transport costs on the invoice (when "Rivit Srl" chooses the carrier), or by other agreed solutions. Transportation title and risks are on the Customer, apart from carrier's responsibilities stated in Art. 1693 C.C.

    Delivery terms

    Delivery dates are not peremptory but they strictly depend on the availability of the goods. Delays in the shipment, or reductions of the forwarded quantities, that do not depend on our will, will not change the commercial value of the contract/order.

    Reclami - Complaints - Goods returns

    After 8 days of having received the goods no complaints will be accepted. A complaint does not suspend the customer's payment obligations according to the agreed form. Returned goods of our products due to causes other than qualitative problems differences from the order, our shipping error, our agent error, must be authorized in advance by the sales manager, after phone conversation or written request. The return is normally accepted only in case of:
    a) Material sent prepaid freight and with transport note showing the references to our sales invoice and/or DDT.
    b) Material still packaged in our boxes and still labeled to allow us the traceability.
    c) Standard material (in the catalogue) not manufactured specifically for the customer (special product) or prepared on his demands (out of range product).
    To every returned good is applied a charge rate of 30% as a concurrence to control activities of the returned goods, with a minimum charge of € 50. Damaged packages will not be accepted. Without these requirements, the returned goods will be returned to sender with transportation charges at his own expense.


    Defective goods covered by warranty can be replaced free of charge, subject to prior inspection. On the other hand worn-out, misused and altered tools will not be replaced. Carriage for goods return will always be on customer's charge. In the shipping document the Customer must clearly specify the number and the date of our previous shipping document/invoice, item Item code, item description, detailed explanation of the defect and shall attach any copy of documents proving previous reparations.
    The delivery of any repaired product is ex-works with charge of the transport costs on the invoice or ex-works (Customer's carrier).


    Payments must be agreed with our sales department. Rounding offs or arbitrary reductions are not allowed. Each payment delay leads to additional costs and interests. Goods delivery does not transfer the property of the material to the Customer until the complete payment is carried out (Art. 1523 c.c.).

    Place of jurisdiction

    All disputes arising from, or in connection with any commercial matter shall be settled exclusively by the Court of Bologna (Italy).

    Rivit catalogs are indicative, we reserve the right to change the specification and the prices of any product without prior notice.