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Presence on the international markets both affirmed and potential is a key element of the business strategy of Rivit.

The choice of turning our gaze to mature markets looking for quality products and to new emerging markets gave a strong incentive to business growth, thanks to this wide geographical presence Rivit is able to quickly respond to technical product evolutions, continuously aligning the production platform to customer demand.

Rivit always give priority to the development of good relations with local partners, providing training and continuous assistance to its distributors located in over 65 countries. It is thanks to this extensive geographic presence that Rivit is able to constantly align its production platform to customer demand.

As part of the internationalization in 2011 was founded Rivit India, the indian society of Rivit and in 2017 was founded Rivit Maroc, Rivit companies focused for areas where new emerging markets and business opportunities are concentrated.