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How to improve productivity?

How to improve productivity?


Doubles productivity with the efficiency of automation.

Efficiency becomes automatic with RIV609, the automatic system for blind rivets, which transforms the loading of the rivet into a time-saving operation.Image titleThe reduction in blind rivets loading time is an essential goal for industrial applications.
This is why Rivit developed and patented an automatic system, which loads the rivet directly on the head of the riveting tool.
The use of this system eliminates the contact between the operator’s hand and the body of the fastener in the loading phase, assuring more productivity and higher safety.Image titleRIV609 usually comes with RIV503, and can be customized for any tool with mandrel suction.
is a patented automatic feeder for standard blind rivets, available in 2 models:
- Ø 3.2 mm, with 18mm max. length
- Ø 4.0/4.8mm, with 18mm max. length (head non bigger than d. 9.8mm)

Now just consider the below comparison:
Riveting tool with manual loading
- Installation timing: 10/14 blind rivets/minute
- Both hands are busy

Autoloading RIV609
- Loading capacity: 52/55 blind rivets/minute
- Installation timing: 22/28 blind rivets/minute
- One hand is free


RIV609 technical data

Dimensions (W x D x H): 400x520x300 mm
Voltage: 220 V 50 Hz
Installed power: 100 W
Air pressure: 6 bar constant
Riveter weight: 2,7 kg
Total weight: 41 Kg