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Dealers and resellers news EVENTS

Autopromotec 2019 in Bologna

Fasteners and riveting machines for automotive products...

U-Joints exhibition 2019

U-Joints: a taxonomy of nails, screws, rivets, bolts and nuts.

Lamiera 2019: a big success for Rivit!

Let them be violins, let them be rivets...we make them all perfect!

Fastener Fair 2019: with Rivit, a different music!

The Rivit blind rivets has been playing music at the Fastener Fair Stuttgart.

Rivit Maroc

Established the company Rivit for Morocco and North Africa, invest, innovate.

Southco Distributor Conference 2016

The Regional Distributor Conference was held from 7th-9th June 2016 at the Walton Hotel & Spa in Walton, UK.

Bicycle day

Bicycle is a symbol of union and freedom: this incredible transport tool allows to live at a sustainable pace, to explore, to reach unthinkable places. In addition to the beauties cyclists the province of Bologna could discover and live from inside one of the historical companies in the area.

Rivit fasteners never out of tune!

Rivit is proud to be among the official sponsors of CasaSanremo 2016 ...

Rivit @ iFerr day

Curtains closes on the fourth edition of the National Hardware Wholesalers Day, with record results, a vibrant sector that wants to grow and evolve.