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Selection guide on Rivit hand riveting tools. Discover the several matters to consider when evaluating the choice and purchase of a riveter.

How to improve productivity?

Doubles productivity with the efficiency of automation.

RIV300 handle for vertical use

The new accessory allows you to easily rivet on horizontal applications.

Blind rivets and rivet nuts catalogs 2017

Now available for download the new 8/1 version of the ‘Blind rivets catalog’, and the new 4/2 catalog of Rivit's rivet nuts.

RIVIT catalogue ‘Tools for Fasteners’ 2017

Download now the new 14/4 version of the ‘Tools for Fasteners’ catalogue, with all the news of the RIVIT tools.

RIV502 RIV503 RIV504 quality tools low price

Excellent price competitiveness make this tools absolutely necessary to all those who want a professional tool guarantied by the quality of the Rivit brand.

RIV506 - the power you need

RIV506 is a hydropneumatic tool for structural blind rivets in all alloys.

RIV906 ratchet riveter for rivet nuts

Riveting tool for threaded inserts females RIVSERT from M5 to M12 and threaded inserts males RIVBOLT M5 to M8.

RIV536 angular tool for blind rivets featuring rot

Rivit sr.l. offers RIV536, the hydropneumatic tool for blind rivets, featuring an extremely small head.