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Selection guide on Rivit hand riveting tools. Discover the several matters to consider when evaluating the choice and purchase of a riveter.

It is one of the first questions to ask, when it comes to understanding how to choose the best riveter and the type of model that could best suit your needs.
There are several matters to consider when evaluating the choice and purchase of a riveter
There is no universal rule for choosing the correct tool, but the choice has to be based on the type of fastener (blind rivet or rivet nut) to set, and considering its relevant diameter or pitch.
Another matter to focus on, is the use and type of work to be carried out.

Riveters are available as:

  1.   Hand riveters, easy to use and ideal for non-continuouus works

  2.   Hydro pneumatic riveters specifically for all professional and continuous installation works

  3.   Battery riveters, as cordeless they result to be much easeire to handle and easily transportable

  4.   Automatic systems, designed for a fast working cycle, in terms of safety and reliability

  5.   Control systems, to lay out precise working settings on specific bathches

Selection guide: discover the Rivit hand riveting tools

The hand rivetters are easy-to-use mechanical tools, which do not require particular professional skills in addition to physical strength, or complex maintenance; they only features wear of the components.
They are ideal for craftsmen, sheet metal workers, and all those who dedicate themselves to assembling and deforming sheet metal, as they provide excellent solutions for simple but reliable works.

RIV98 is hand tool for rivet nuts up to M6, ideal for creating fast threads on sheet metal. Equipped with tie rods for aluminum and steel rivet nuts from M3 to M6 (stainless steel up to M5).
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RIV18 is a hand tool for blind rivets up to Ø 4.8. ideal for fastening the sheet metal quickly. It is equipped with 4 adjustable nozzles for blind rivets d. 2.4, 3.0/3.2, 4.0, 4.8 (4.8 aluminum only).
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The brand-new ratchet hand tool for rivet nuts RIV906 is designed to place Rivert female rivet nuts from M5 to M12 and Rivbolt male rivet nuts from M5 tp M8. The RIV906 can place rivet nuts up to M12, thanks to its ratchet system: you just need to use the top lever as a support and the lower one to place the rivet nut, quickly and with a little effort.
This riveter is also equipped with a quick system for the replacement of the tie rod, to speed the interchanging of the different sizes.
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