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The Italian Rivit Srl’s CONTROLRIV4.0 is a monitoring system for blind rivets and rivet nuts.

Image titleThe CONTROLRIV4.0 planning different placing operations, monitoring the process of the work, and easily and safely analyzing the resulting data.
The system is connected to the riveting tools and, according to the working methods and to the predetermined settings made by the operator, the work of one or more tools is monitored in real time in order to avoid mistakes and deactivations.
The results are improved productivity, higher standard of work and reduced waste.Image titleThe system is designed in modules, with a Master and 11 Slaves to obtain up to 12 workstations managed simultaneously.Image titleThe MASTER with a touch screen display and a user-friendly software can easily interact with a PC, a PLC and download all the data of the work in a very simple way on portable storage drives.Image titleThe SLAVE, more compact than the Master, only manages the operation of the riveting tool by indicating its status on integrated leds.
Though all the work is managed by the Master, also the Slave in certain configurations can communicate with the PLC independently.
Monitoring of the assembling operations develops by the study of the curves, through piece and batch counters, and work lists.
Work monitoring is supported by stored batch data, by all check activities, by implemented work lists and by the recorded curves.RIV536For working phases, visual and sound alerts have been designed to highlight correct or wrong applications, particularly the lack of air in the latter case.
In addition, in order to have a clearer and more visible reference from afar, a three-color luminous tower with alarm siren is also available. Every single unit features a pneumatic valve that turns compressed air on and off, to safely secure the system; best distinguish the working phases from the configuration ones;and prevent further errors in the event of a wrong application result.

CONTROLRIV4.0 works with tools for rivet nuts RIV938, RIV939, RIV941, RIV949 and RIV916B, and with tools for blind rivets RIV503, RIV504, RIV505, RIV508, RIV511B and RIV300