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The new Section F roofing catalogue

The new Section F roofing catalogue


The new Section F of our Roofing Catalogue is now online!

The Section F dedicated to sheet metal working machines is now available on the site.
The new Section F of the Roofing Catalogue includes all the Rivit innovations dedicated to the lines of sheet metal working machines:

  • Bench, job site, workshop, with segments bending machines
  • Bench and with stand roll forming machines
  • Rolling, leverage, guillotine, with table shearing machines, cut offs
  • Manual and electrical cutting lines
  • Wuko electrical and battery shearing machines
  • Manual and pneumatic notching machines
  • Job site and motorized beading machines
  • Seamers for pipes
  • Trumpf power seam folding machines
  • Rivit clinchers
  • Rack, knee and pneumatic EMG presses
  • Presses for cover caps
  • Orbital riveting machine
  • Punching hand lever machines
  • Bending machines
  • Metal benders
  • Reels for coils, trolleys and supports
  • Shaping machines for chimneys
  • Cutters and punching machines

  • Many solutions for your work and new tools to improve your business: Download Section F now!

    Because where there is metal, there is Rivit!