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The new Section E roofing catalogue

The new Section E roofing catalogue


The new Section E of our Roofing Catalogue is now online!

Now is available on the site the Section E dedicated to power and cordless tools.
The new Section E of the Roofing Catalogue includes all the Rivit innovations dedicated to the lines of Power and Cordless tools:

  • Wuko power and cordless shears
  • Draco power shears
  • Draco cordless shears
  • Trumpf power shears
  • Trumpf power nibblers
  • Trumpf cordless shears
  • Electric saw for sandwich panels
  • Jepson shearing machines for metal
  • Dewalt power and cordless tools
  • Milwaukee power and cordless tools
  • Grinding wheels (cutting, emery and lamellars)
  • LED projectors

  • Many solutions for your work and new tools to improve your business: Download Section E now!

    Because where there is metal, there is Rivit!